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September 7, 2009

Interesting stuff in the Truth Action forum

In July, I participated for a while in the Truth Action forum. Alas, I thereby used up some time I might have otherwise had for deeper research into 9/11 itself. But I ran across a bunch of interesting threads pertaining not just to 9/11 but also to other issues as well, including some of my concerns about the 9/11 Truth movement.

Looking back again now at some of those threads ….

I was glad to see a growing awareness of the difference between (1) controversial suspicion of possible government wrongdoing and (2) grand conspiracy ideology (e.g. the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and paranoia about “the Illuminati” and “the New World Order”) and of the need for 9/11 Truth activists to dis-associate themselves from the latter.

  • Truthmover posted a thread titled Looking beyond the hype – Bilderberg docs on Wikileaks. In response, “diktater” posted some stuff from David Icke, to which I and others objected. I was glad to see Truthmover distinguish between “the usual NWO paranoia” and a “more literate” approach to examining what the ruling elite are up to. (I think Truthmover has been aware of this distinction all along, but is voicing it more articulately now.)
  • Snowflake posted Idiot Defaces Georgia Guidestones. The thread evolved into a thoughtful discussion about “NWO” right wing paranoia concerning “population control.” Nicholas Levis posted some very incisive comments.

Glad to see a rising awareness of what’s wrong with “NWO” paranoia, I posted a thread about The “patriot movement”. Among other things, I dug up an online page, Dualist receivers, showing that some of the popular stereotypes of right wing extremists are wrong.

However, I have mixed feelings about the Truth Action crowd’s emphasis on image-consciousness. Concern about the movement’s image is indeed valid and important up to a point. And indeed I share their concerns to a large extent. But I think it should be secondary to other principles, as discussed in my responses in the thread A Lesbian Comes Out of the Closet About 9/11.

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