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May 8, 2008

No-planes theories and DEW/”Star wars beam” theories

In the comment thread following my post “Star Wars beam” / DEW theories, I see that the discussion has turned toward no-planes theories. That’s another topic I like to confine to threads dealing with just that topic. I suppose we now need a thread in which both DEW and no-planes theories can be discussed. So, I’ll copy those comments below and delete them from their original thread.


May 3, 2008

“Star Wars beam” / DEW theories

Filed under: 9/11,9/11 Truth,DEW / "Star wars" beam theories — Diane @ 8:00 pm

In the comments beneath my post 9/11 Truth movement goals and strategy?, a thread has started concerning Judy Wood’s “Star Wars beam” / DEW theories. I’ve decided to move that topic to a separate thread, to which it will be confined from henceforth. Below, I will copy the relevant comments. I’ll then delete the originals.

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