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Below are the posts of mine that I personally consider to be most important on various topics.

9/11 in general:

Destruction of the World Trade Center:

9/11 and me:

The 9/11 Truth movement and the “political spectrum”:

Counteracting religion-based bigotry:

Various issues within the 9/11 Truth movement:

To leftist opponents of the 9/11 Truth movement:

Comment quarantines: The posts and categories below are intended as designated places for certain kinds of comments that I’d like to try to keep out of other comment threads. (See my comment policy.)

  • A priori objections by official-story defenders, including arguments from authority (when used in an a priori manner), the “someone would have talked” and “too many people” arguments (when used as a categorical dismissal of all inside-job or government complicity hypotheses, or as a categorical dismissal of all air-defense slowdown or WTC demolition hypotheses), and questions about possible motives for 9/11 as inside job. (Exception: A priori arguments from authority may also be discussed in posts in the epistemology category.)
  • No-planes theories
  • General gripe thread – about the 9/11 Truth movement (the place to post general gripes not directly relevant to any specific post)
  • blog policy and comment policy (the place to complain about my comment policy or other blog policies, if you want ask me to modify them)

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