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Notes on leaflets

Hello to all who have seen my leaflet Why we need a new investigation of 9/11.

Below, I will provide more information on some specific points in the leaflet.

Why were no planes intercepted?

The leaflet says:

Why were none of the hijacked planes intercepted before they hit their targets?

For more information, please see the sources mentioned in the section titled The lack of air defense in my post My main reasons for being suspicious about 9/11, and in other posts of mine listed there.

Pre-9/11 preparations for invasion of Afghanistan

The leaflet says:

Before 9/11/2001, the Bush administration was already preparing to invade Afghanistan. But, if 9/11 had not happened, Bush could not have rallied much public support for an invasion of Afghanistan, given how disastrously the Soviet Union had lost a war in Afghanistan back in the 1980’s.

For documentation, please see the news stories listed in the section titled The war in Afghanistan in my post My main reasons for being suspicious about 9/11.

The 9/11 Commission

The leaflet says:

In 2002 to 2004, there was an investigation by the “9/11 Commission.” But the 9/11 Commission was run by people with ties to the Bush administration, such as Philip Zelikow.

More about this in a future post, to which I’ll provide a link soon.

Invitation and disclaimer

If you received the leaflet from me in person and agree with its aims, I hope to see you again. You can find me at meetings of the following organization:

New York 9/11 Truth
(meets Sundays, 6:30 PM, at St. Mark’s Church, 2nd Avenue and 11th Street, in Manhattan)

I don’t attend every Sunday, but I’m there at least half the time.

Note that this leaflet is authored solely by me. Its wording does not necessarily represent the views of the above organization. Ditto for this entire blog.

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