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September 9, 2009

“Screw Loose Change” dissing the NYC-CAN ballot initiative

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Screw Loose Change has been pouring scorn (here
and here) on NYC-CAN’s ballot initiative. The SLC folks assume that the NYC government’s legal challenges are valid and irrefutable, and that we stupid “troofers” just didn’t even bother to look at the election law, or hire a lawyer.


January 23, 2008

New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative: Any objections, please voice them NOW!

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There has been some controversy about the New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative in various 9/11 Truth forums. See, for example, the discussion about it in this thread in the Truth Action forum and in 911blogger threads linked there. Some people are concerned about who the named commissioners are, for example.

The petition for the New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative is now being re-written, and it will be starting over very soon. That being the case, NOW is the time to voice your objections, if any.

November 22, 2007

The 9/11 Truth movement and me: Further reply to Pat Curley

On the Screw Loose Change blog, in the comments on Pat Curley’s recent post about me (to which I replied here), the first three comments were as follows:

They are blatently going to crucify her.
Jon | 11.21.07 – 1:43 pm |

If Diane continues on this path, she will join Mikey Metz in the land of Ex-truthers.
Anonymous | 11.21.07 – 1:59 pm |

Actually I foresee both those things happening, and in that order.
Pat Curley | Homepage | 11.21.07 – 2:13 pm |


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