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May 9, 2008

To 9/11 Truth activists in NYC, from “metamars”

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On a private message board, I’ve been asked by “metamars” (an online 9/11 Truth activist) to call the attention of some folks in NYC to metamars’s ressponse to a post by Jon Gold on 911blogger, in which Jon Gold asked for suggestions on how to make the 911 ballot initiative happen.

Below is an excerpt:

One essential ingredient that you need to do all kinds of good deeds in this world is MONEY. There are probably easily 100 million Americans who believe in at least LIHOP, one can just imagine the number of individuals across the globe who also believe this way. Why, oh why, in this day and age of the internet and paypal, can’t we get 100 million people to chip in $1 per month or, say, $10 per year, to fund 911 research and activism? To put this in perspective, the NIST report cost $20 million. 100 million people dipping into their pockets and pulling out 1 measely dollar would fund 5 NIST reports, per month! And they wouldn’t have to even think about it. Once they sign up, the money is deducted from their personal accounts automatically.

More to the point, I suppose, is why is nobody trying to first create such an organization and functionality, and then sign people up for such a program? Not everybody is in a position to pass out CD’s or confront elected officials, e.g., or maybe they’re just not inclined to do so. But there’s VERY, VERY few people who can’t afford $10 / year.

Part of the problem is that there just hasn’t been a critical mass of mindshare (for lack of a better phrase) within the public consciousness for this sort of thing in general. Well, glory be, NOW THERE IS AT LEAST A ‘ROLE MODEL’, IN POLITICS. Thanks to Howard Dean 4 years ago, and principally Ron Paul and Barack Obama this year, we have seen how ‘crowd funding’ has finally come of age in politics. I’m not sure what the best place is to begin studying this, but is a good place to start. is not just about polls and candidates, it’s also about ASKING PEOPLE TO CHIP IN TO FUND CANDIDATES.

So, to you and any other 911 activists out there, if you want 911 activism to be self sustaining, you need to study the application of crowd funding in politics, and apply the lessons. Somehow or other, you need to set up a legal organization that can take donations, and bill people’s credit cards at $1/month, $5/quarter, $10/year, whatever. And you further need to allow them some latitude in how that money is used. Of course, you need a web site, also. Maybe 911blogger, itself, could be the sort of portal web site that the activist/financial organization mostly “lives” on, but a distinct, dedicated web site exists mostly to conduct business – explaining the concepts, presenting the projects, registration, functionality for directing funds, etc. In a sense, could become the of 911 activism.

I will refer to the new, activist/financial organization that I call for, just for ease of communication, as 911kos, and it’s website as (No, those are NOT good names, but they’ll do for the purpose of this post, especially since they’ll remind people of the angle.)

If you can throw this together quickly enough, you could start the ball rolling with appeals for people to sign up and dedicate the lion’s share of their first year’s donation to the ballot initiative. As the Jersey girls have had national exposure, and most people still remember them, if they could make a brief video explaining A) what 911kos is all about and why it’s necessary B) how crowd-funding has revolutionized politics C) what the ballot initiative is and D) asking people to contribute at least $10/year on a recurring basis, with an extra 1 time donation if they can afford it for a ‘ballot initiative money bomb’ , then I think this could go viral and be extremely successful.

I don’t have a head for business, but the initial appeal for funds might have a suggested (and default) funding division amongst 3 911 projects that I can think of off the top of my head, that I consider important, viz.,

Project 1 – Ballot Initative (mostly to pay workers to collect signatures, I suppose), $5.00
Project 2 – Laboratory work on WTC dust sample, $2.00 (Professor Stephen Jones has mentioned that some of the research would go more quickly if some of the people working on this had funding.)
Project 3 – Verification of claims made by Daniel Hopsicker re associates of Mohammed Atta, $2.00

(The extra dollar would go for overhead, such as web hosting fees.)

I’m sure the founders of such a program can think of additional worthy projects, but you want to keep it simple in terms of an initial appeal, and having a simple set of default values.

I’ve long been fascinated by just how ineffective activists of many stripes are – 911 activists really aren’t that different, in this regard. (If we judge the success of 911 activism by how many members of Congress are willing to admit that, as Max Cleland told us, the 911 commission report was a “whitewash”, and furthermore that we need a re-investigation, we can only honestly conclude that the 911 movement has, so far, failed.) The meager results of activists, in general, is not simply by (repeated) accident, it also has to do with deliberate actions taken to sabotage the activists’ efforts. I don’t know a whole lot about this subject, but I know that you can read Chomsky, in various books of his on the subject of propaganda and “control of the public mind”, to start grokking it from some perspectives.

Chomsky often remarks about the disempowerment that results from the sense of feeling isolated – even when polls shows that, on a given issue, your attitude can be the majority one! One thing that crowd-funding, and cyberspace ‘gathering places’ like dailykos accomplish is that people realize that a) they are not alone and b) by combing their efforts, however humble individually, they can have a HUGE effect

I think the least we can do for our country, for the memory of those Americans who died on 911, and for memory of the 100’s of thousands of Iraqis who have died, directly or indirectly, in a war fraudulently justified by 911, is to get a 911kos and going.

If we do so, I think we’ll find that not only we Americans who suspect the worst regarding 911 aren’t alone, but millions of our brothers and sisters throughout the world will join us.

But first, we need to get organized. Correct?

I’ll be emailing some members of New York 9/11 Truth.

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