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May 6, 2008

realitydesign’s “bigger picture”

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In a comment here, realitydesign wrote:

I think the bigger picture here is that the idea that countries are operating in their own best interest is an obsolete notion for those in the elite circles that call the shots about what is really going on worldwide. Therefore, from the nationalist(citizen) perspective- it seems like there are all these bizarre alliances and innappropriate relationships going on but that’s because we are living decades behind these networks in terms of our ‘political’ thinking/understanding. They have toally different agendas and they are being executed.

It’s tricky though because the high rollers use tools from different sheds and that sends people like us chasing our tales. For example, I believe the CIA and Mossad was involved in 911 (among others ISI, probably M16). But does that mean it was an Israeli/American thing? No, the tools that were used fit the job- that’s all.

Could you please elaborate, here on this page, on your view of the “bigger picture”? What do you think are the actual goals and strategies of “the elite”?


  1. Man, where to begin…

    I think things have gone REALLY far at this point. Ultimately, to keep it simple- wealth transfer and the superimposing of their ideological agendas over the globe (western hemisphere first of course) which- in many cases overlapp- not all layers/syndicates working in symbiosis have a stake/interest in the ideolgy that eminates from the higher levels – but love to grow rich off of participation in the shadow economy…and then of course the technical teams that do the dirty work…it’s probably money, clean drugs and adrenaline for them too…

    Here are some ideological patterns I have picked up on:

    Planetary Control via:

    -Global Surveillance- (TIA/Darpa/Enhanced PROMIS)
    -Resource Control- (Enhanced PPROMIS) (this was oil but as oil is obsolete now, the next phase is food via GMO codes and WATER)
    -Eugenics/population manipulation/kill off- (no that stuff didn’t begin or end with Hitler)via: crypto-genocide tactics (ie the biofuel craze= mass starvation), biowarfare (engineered viral strains etc.)
    -Psychological conditioning via perception managemant systems/psychotropic medication

    I won’t go into the ET/UFO stuff at this point…

    Comment by realitydesign — May 6, 2008 @ 1:18 pm | Reply

  2. Consumerism fits in nicely with the wealth control and perception management.

    Like 38 years after the moon landing it makes sense to keep changing the design of automobiles? We go into debt for useless variations. Then interestingly the entire economics profession says nothing about the depreciation of all of those cars.

    200,000,000+ cars in the United States ever since 1995. Have you ever heard any mention of how much Americans lose on depreciation of automobiles every year?

    Sit in front of the TV set and see how GREAT the new cars are this year.

    Comment by psikeyhackr — May 7, 2008 @ 5:04 pm | Reply

  3. realitydesign wrote:

    I won’t go into the ET/UFO stuff at this point…

    Hmmm. I suspect that that issue might be the key to the differences between your and my views. Are you one of those folks who believe there’s some sort of secret deal between ET’s and some folks here on Earth? If so, that might explain why you believe that “secret technology” is so advanced that any and all logistical objections to any hypothesis about 9/11 can simply be brushed aside.

    Comment by Diane — May 8, 2008 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

  4. I would have to say that I do think there is evidence of this- countless high level people have been coming out over the last 50 years, books, eye witness events spanning countries all over the globe…I think the truth is probably less than 10 years away. I have been telling my parents this since I was a kid- that we would know all of this in our lifetimes.

    Having said all of that however- none of those ideas ever entered into my 911 studies until very recently. So they haven’t been a part of my thought process on 911 logistics. I would in ANY case assume that the Nasa/military/black project sector is at least 15-20 years ahead of mainstream awareness ET tech or not.

    If you have about 4 hours time go to project camelot and listen/watch to the brand new 2008 John Lear interview. It’s totally wild- coming from a guy so respected and accomplished in such a tech-nich it is absolutely astounding to hear what he has to say- going back over the last 50 years. He lays everything out mentioning every name in the book and how everything is connected.

    We’ll see how things pan out- but I think lately I realized that studying 911 is pointless and too much of a micro event for me personally to get stuck on (it’s been about 2.5 years now), I have the info I need now to conclude that it was nothing more than a psyop that sets up parameters for further agenda execution. I’m sick of worrying about the details.

    Your blog is a great place though and I’ll be poking around. Thanks for being such a nice host!


    Comment by realitydesign — May 8, 2008 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

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