New York City activist

October 23, 2007

9/11 Truth movement conservatives, please stand up now

On the message board there is a thread titled Bill Oreilly Call Maher Infiltrators “Far Left”, about the folks who recently disrupted Bill Maher’s show.

I keep saying that The 9/11 Truth movement needs a more visible, better organized left wing! I still think so.

But right now, on the other hand, would also be a good time for the conservatives in the 9/11 Truth movement to take a public stand as conservatives instead of pretending to be “beyond political labels,” as all too many of them do. (See Are you a paleoconservative? Find out!) By taking a public stand as conservatives, they could help make it clearer, to the general public, that the 9/11 Truth movement includes people of many different political persuasions. If a well-dressed group with a name like “Conservatives for 9/11 Truth” or “Republicans for 9/11 Truth” were to picket Bill O’Reilly’s studio, that could get a lot of people thinking.

If the left-wingers, the right-wingers, and the centrists among us were all more visible to the general public as such, this would make it harder for other people to smear us either as just a bunch of left-wing nuts or as just a bunch of right-wing nuts.

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