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January 19, 2008

Reply to debate invitation from Ron/pomeroo on JREF

Filed under: 9/11 Truth,reply - JREF — Diane @ 3:15 am

On my “blog stats” page, I found that two users had gotten to this blog via a link in page 4 of a thread in the JREF forum titled Hardfire News. On page 4, “Brainster” (who I think is Pat Curley) suggests to pomeroo (who I think is Ron Wieck) that he invite me onto a debate on a public-access cable TV show.

Ron/pomeroo said he would consider me, and wondered how he could get in touch with me. Answer: Post a comment here on my blog. Once you do, I’ll automatically have your email address (or at least the email address you used to register as a user here at WordPress).

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