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September 28, 2007

Two 9/11 Truth blogs here on WordPress

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In my opinion, the 9/11 Truth movement is way too dominated by the right wing alternative media, such as Prison Planet. Mostly this is by default: The “left gatekeepers” have for too long imposed a blackout on the 9/11 Truth movement in most of the left wing alternative media. But it means that the 9/11 Truth movement is, to a large degree, dominated by paleoconservative ideology. To help counterbalance this, I’ll be on the lookout for left-leaning blogs that support the 9/11 Truth movement.

So far, most of the 9/11 Truth blogs I’ve found here on WordPress are decidedly right-wing. Below are two exceptions.

I just now came across a WordPress blog called The Hot Potato, which seems to be mostly about organic gardening and environmental issues, but also includes blog entries such as SEPTEMBER 11TH: Honoring The Heroes, Remembering The Fallen, And Pressing For The Truth and WHY WE BELIEVE IN DENNIS KUCINICH: Chicago’s AFL-CIO Presidential Forum And The Power Of Love.

I’m very glad to run into a blogger who supports the 9/11 Truth movement AND who also supports Dennis Kucinich rather than Ron Paul.

Another blog which at least isn’t totally right wing is Dissident, which has copies of some interesting articles on 9/11 (including 9/11 – the Big Cover-up? and Painful 9/11 Truth) and also includes anti-establishment commentary from both left-wing and right-wing points of view.

Moderate left-wing commentary on Dissident includes Lost Worlds: Is Another World Possible? and Can Radical Capitalism Survive the Disasters It Creates?.

But this blog also carries articles by paleoconservatives such as Paul Craig Roberts (the “father of Reaganomics”), albeit mostly about matters of great concern to leftists too, such as the US Police Brutality Pandemic. There’s also a copy of an interesting article, Bin Laden’s latest video throws new light on a murky subject by anti-war libertarian Justin Raimondo, who cautiously entertains a LIHOP position on 9/11.

As I expected, there were quite a few articles in the Economy section on The Rotten Federal Reserve. That particular article, and at least several others on ths Dissident blog, were written by an extreme religious right winger, Gary North. I wonder if the blog owner is aware that North is a Christian Reconstrucionist. (For some background information about Christian Reconstructionism in general and Gary North in particular, see Invitation to a Stoning: Getting cozy with theocrats by Walter Olson, Reason magazine, November 1998.)

On the plus side, the Dissident blog supports environmental concerns, e.g. in the article Climate Change: Deniers Jump on NASA Gaff, While Greenland on Verge of Meltdown.

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